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The Great Taste of Kettle Corn

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As the kettle roars with flames and the oil starts to boil, the aroma of fresh Kettle Corn fills the air. The wind carries this aroma over the crowds of people, who watch as the corn starts to pop. Stomachs start to grumble as taste buds yearn for the soft crunch of fresh Kettle Corn. But how do we get such a perfect pop? How de we get the right flavor? What ingredients do we use?

Well, it comes down to a handful of steps and a handful of ingredients.

The first necessity is the big, cumbersome, aluminum kettle. The kettle is where all the magic happens. It is where the ingredients are combined and burst into puffy, white, flavorful pops. These pops consist of two key ingredients: corn and oil. As the temperature of the kettle increases, the oil transfers heat into the corn until “POP!” it starts flying everywhere. At this point, it is time for our third ingredient: sugar. It is important to pour the sugar evenly across the surface of the corn, and to stir it consistently for several seconds while the kettle is still hot. This ensures that the sugar is caramelized onto the popped corn. Finally, the fourth and last ingredient is sprinkled onto the still hot popped corn: salt.

So, with four ingredients, years of practice, and the right equipment and measurements, we can deliver to you the best Kettle Corn in Southwest Florida.

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