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Best priced corporate gift is popcorn at $27.95 shipping included


Corporate gift popcorn $27.95 shipping included

The best priced corporate gift you can send to a person is popcorn. These gifts include a variety of popcorn flavors that can satisfy that one special person or the whole office. Our corporate gift box includes 4 flavors of popcorn for only $27.95. That price includes shipping and a personalized message or logo on the labels. By adding your private label, your customers will remember your name and your business. The popcorn corporate gift box is an excellent marketing idea at a remarkably low price. We also offer a corporate gift box of 7 flavors for only $44.95 with enough popcorn to keep the whole office happy. By letting us include your personalized message or logo on each bag of corn it helps ensure your name will travel throughout the business world, as customers snack on their popcorn throughout the day. Since we offer such a variety of popcorn flavors, we can always match one flavor and color to represent your business style. Our gourmet caramel corn colors range from a yellow banana cream to a patriotic red, white, and blueberry. 

Great flavors to choose from, start here!

Gourmet Flavored Popcorn

Gourmet Flavored PopcornLooking for gourmet flavored popcorn stores near you? The Popcorn Cellar removes the hassle and delivers the perfect savory popcorn recipes directly to your doorstep!Just as some of you know the Best Popcorn Company for our fresh, gourmet flavored popcorn recipes, some of you also know us from when we were a small, local kettle [...]

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A Successful Fundraiser Idea. Popcorn !

Meet TaylorTaylor is a current student at FGCU and works hard to achieve top honors in her academics. She is studying Biotechnology and hopes to study more specifically in the areas of genetics and virology. Originally from Houston, TX, Taylor now calls Southwest Florida home and loves to contribute to local charities in her extra [...]

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Historic Popcorn Tales: Lesson 2 - Irish Cream Popcorn

Irish Cream Caramel CornTop O The Mornin' To Ya!Our Irish Cream Caramel Corn will have you doing an Irish jig in no time! Our traditional caramel corn mixed with delicious Irish Cream liquor will not disappoint, and you may even pair it this St. Paddy's day with your whiskey and beer! Irish settlers came to the Sunshine State over 400 [...]

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Popcorn Cellar helps Local Charity

The Popcorn Cellar donated $900 to local charity, The Boys & Girls Club of Lee County.  Inspired by Taylor, our model, we popped corn, made flavors, mixed cheese and sold the freshest bags of popped corn for the non-profits benefit.  What a great, simple, and profitable idea for a charity of any size

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Benefits of Coconut Oil | Why Coconut Oil? We say "Why NOT?!"

Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a “SuperFood.”Its unique combination of fatty acids can have profound positive effects on health. Coconut oil health benefits explained.This includes fat loss, better brain function and various other amazing benefits.Here are the top 10 health benefits of coconut oil that have been experimentally confirmed in human [...]

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The Clever Kernel

Today, we stopped by The Popcorn Cellar right after we had lunch on 5th. Beautiful, it doesn't even begin to start how amazing this store is! Any who, we landed at the tasting bar and were greeted by an awesome staff member, I can't remember his name. We tried them all! Finally we landed on [...]

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We've moved!

Welcome to the new www.PopcornCellar.com!As a young start up we knew that we would run into hiccups and errors. Our former website wasn't able to do as much as we needed to get done, unfortunately we didn't realize this until we got closer to launch, and we couldn't just NOT launch the site. We had already made promotions and [...]

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